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  Listen to Linda’s versatile sound as she sings and vocalizes, reads movie trailers, radio and TV commercials, and narrates children’s stories, documentaries and educational and training materials. A specialist in dialogue, technical language, characters and dialects, she can also deliver it straight, in a friendly, warm, sensual, lighthearted or persuasive style. Her own unique voiceprint can be individually tailored for a variety of projects. Contact her today to discuss your voiceover needs.

Click on the links below to hear soundclips from Linda’s demo CD.
Most clips range from 1 to just over 3 minutes long. MP3 files are approx. 1MB, 64b bitrate.


RealAudio | MP3

A few random highlights from Linda's CDs, "We Belong Together" and "Time, Seasons and the Moon," plus a film score.


Movie Trailers

Part 1 (2:27)
RealAudio | MP3
      Part 2 (2:32)
RealAudio | MP3
  1. Intro...Hollywood
  2. What Lies Beneath
  3. Bicentennial Man
  4. The Emperor's New Groove
  5. 101 Dalmations
  6. Me, You, Them


  1. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  2. Cinderella
  3. Almost Famous
  4. The Cider House Rules
  5. Shrek
  6. The Glass House
  7. And Now...Our Feature Presentation


RealAudio | MP3
  1. Nike
  2. Century 21
  3. Washington Apples (with Elliott Quigley)
  4. PSA (English/Spanish)
  5. Stride Rite
  6. Marshall Fields
  1. Westport State Bank
  2. Sure
  3. Sherwin Williams
  4. Citibank (with Elliott Quigley)
  5. Grapenuts


Part 1 (2:00)
RealAudio | MP3
      Part 2 (2:01)
RealAudio | MP3
  1. Polymers
  2. Copland's Fanfare
  3. Papillon / Le Fevre
  4. Leopard's Spots
  5. Los Mayas (Spanish)
  6. Selling
  1. Tropical Storms
  2. Travelogue
  3. Dinosaurs
  4. Jorge El Curioso (Spanish)
  5. Mr. Sweet

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